Balloon Boy is an animatronic boy. He may seem harmless but he disables your flash light in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. He holds a balloon with a red diagonal stripe and a sign saying "Balloons!".

Balloon boy

Teh spawn of satan

phantom bb's jumpscare

Balloon boy

Balloon boy as he appears in anti hobbykids videos

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bb in goanimate form

GoAnimate version

Only information is, he made an appearance to the GoAnimate: All Star Rush.


Young Guy, Ivy, show [my vesrsion]


Starts at the Game area > Left Vent > Office. Also has the ability to disable the flashlight, summoning Foxy to kill you. He is also known to hide under the desk staring at you with pink eyes, a purple nose, rosy cheeks, a blueish-purple hat, and purple eyelids. He/It disappears when the camera is put up this version is known as JJ.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3: BB randomly appears on the monitor, if the player does not change the camera bb will jump at them and will disable the ventalation.

GoAnimate Behavior

Balloon boy is an adorable little kid who wants to help any way he can! the fazbear crew try their best to teach him the basics of killing, but since he cannot control his jaw really well, foxy helps him by biting the security guard for him! He loves to hang out with the puppet the most because he always cheers him up when someone makes fun of him.

Likes, Dislikes, Friends and Enemies

Likes: Balloons,his lovers, Fazbear Crew

Dislikes: His annoying haters

Friends: king pig UTTP megatron, the Fazbear crew, puppet (best friend)

Enemys: His annoying haters


  • Although bb is treated like garbage in most goanimate videos, in anti hobbykids videos he is treated very nicely.