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Barney on his computer

Birth name

Barney the Purple Dinosaur


February 16th, 19999999999 B.C.


February 16, 1986


March 15, 2015 (aged 200,000,001)

Cause of death

Killed by GoAnimate user GH32143

Also known as

Barney Rex (OliverWestern)


Eric (ccateni)
Diesel (OliverWestern)
Wiseguy (Gabriel Lowery except for Barney's angry and scared and surprised voice which uses Kidaroo instead.)




Baby Bop, BJ, & Riff (Alex Kimble's version)
Murray and Patti (usually)
Unnamed father (OfficerPoop247's version, voiced by Scary Voice)

Years active


Barney the Purple Dinosaur, simply known as Barney, is a purple dinosaur from the self titled show "Barney". In GoAnimate, he seems to always claims that he likes everyone, and is loved by everybody. However, in reality, Barney is immaturely hated by both the "good users", and the "bad users", simply because "it's a baby show".

In the GoAnimate realm, Barney is portrayed as a child abuser. He is the only Troublemaker who is disliked by other Troublemakers. He was also the only Dinosaur that survived the mass extinction of his other fellow Dinosaurs until he was recently killed by GH32143. It should also noted that the parents of the troublemakers tend to be fans of Barney, despite being FAR too old for him.

In OliverWestern's videos, he was serving time in Barnhurst for child abuse. Making his debut in Season 2, Barney was eventually killed in the riot during the Season 3 Premier, resulting in Warren Cook (the troublemaker who killed Barney) being transferred to Tina Diesel Detention Center. It was mentioned in Episode 19 that Warren Cook is serving a life sentence at the Tina Diesel Detention Center for his murder.