Baxter is one of the good users, and is an enemy of Memy9909, he's a user on YouTube and Go!Animate. His main clothes that he wears consist of a red shirt, blue pants (denim jeans), yellow hair (blonde in real life), black glasses, and brown shoes. He is brothers with Gunther. Most of the Memy fans are extremely jealous of him. He is physical embodiment of the goodness lock inside Waxter. Unfortunately, a majority of users now feature SkylerTheGoAnimateGirl instead of him nowadays because he got boring for unspecified reasons, and all he uploads is recorded videos on TV and doesn't really defend (neither offend) Go!Animate users. Baxter was formerly a King but Alex Kimble has since become King, this may explain why some users including Optimus500050 have lost interest in him, but is still considered one of the good users despite this. Some others like Nakamario27 and Linus Weber now see hima s non siders.


Birth: January 27, 1997

Age: 20

Voice: Brian

Waxter (bad side):

Birth: January 27, 1996

Age: 21

Voice: Simon