Croc is a very good video game character made by Argonaut Software and Fox Interactive.

Born: September 29, 1997

Age: 18

Voice: Brian

Friends: CpSkyYesGCNo, Skyler Hawkins, The Gobbos, King Rufus, Swap Meet Pete, Sophie the Otter, Rayman, Globox, Yoshi, Alex Kimble, L Ryan, TheColossalD, Timon and Pumbaa, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Spongebob, Patrick Star, Pinocchio, Spyro, Optimus Prime, Skyler TheGoAnimateGirl, African Vulture, KeybirdComedianVEVO, Aladdin etc.

Enemies: Stephanie Gavin, Baron Dante, Tooty the Feeble, Flibby, Chumly, Demon Itsy, Neptuna, Cactus Jack, Fosley, Soveena The Squid, Cannon Boat Keith, Flavio The Thermal-Fish, Roger Red Ant, Lava Lamp Larry, Venus Fly Von-Trappe, The Village Masher, The Dantinis, Warren Cook, Powerjohn25 UTTP, Andy Panda, Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, Kim Jong Um, Golden Freddy, SupermarioZaki etc

Croc conceptart oeumm

This is what he looks like

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