DrewandMario (now known as Drew Whiteknight) was the first and best friend of Youtube user Memy9909. He used to always stick up for Memy whenever he was pwned by Baxter, and all of his supporters. Both he and Memy are equally as bad. In Fall 2012 he got plastic surgery and changed his name to Drew Whiteknight.


The DrewandMario avatar created by jcmario643, then became popular and was used as Drew's Avatar

Date of YouTube Account Created: Unknown - 2013

Born: July 6,1996-2000

Age: 16-20

Voice: Kimberly (Orignally when Memy first stared his series), Joey (At Fall of 2012), Kidaroo

Friends: Memy9909, Baxter, others fans of Memy and Baxter.

Enemies: Fans of Waren.


DrewandMario's second look/Drew Whiteknight