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"Oh, why hello PC Guy! You see, I'm watching Pokemon. The songs rock. 4Kids rule! Join me, PC Guy, I don't bite."

-Eric after watching the 4Kids dub of Pokemon.

Eric is one of the two protagonists in the animated series, Comedy World. He is a kind-hearted, dense 11-year old that plays hooky, eats potato chips, and watches TV.


Full name: Eric Pearson

Age: 16

Date of birth: April 19, 2003

Voice: Josh Peck


  • He can be a daredevil, such as riding the world's most dangerous roller coaster in the episode, The Ride.
  • In the episode "Pranks of Horror", he can turn FURIOUS. So furious, an earthquake occurs.
  • Though he's empty-headed, he tends to break the fourth wall sometimes.
  • Eric sleeps with a teddy bear, as seen in the episode "Puberty Eric".
  • Eric dressed up as a serial killer in Comedy World: The Halloween Bash.