fake VHS opening is any type of a custom VHS opening containing harrassful content, with the year of release of a VHS opening being wrong. The content is mostly the wrong FBI warning, wrong commercials, a wrong Home Video themed logo from a motion picture studio, sometimes wrong trailers and more.

They were mostly made by Warren Cook with him coming back after a few (or two) made and uploaded fake VHS openings.

Several fake VHS openings made by Warren Cook harrassed some people and made Warren grounded. One VHS opening contains a real year in its title, but something (or all except for release year), is fake.

Most people said that fake VHS openings are illegal, however, this is untrue. 


  • The majority of Fake VHS openings are lies that the film is made by Disney when it's not.
  • A majority of Fake VHS Openings have also been unlawfully passed on as real VHS openings.