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GoAnimate is a cloud-based platform for creating and distributing animated videos. GoAnimate’s platform allows individuals to develop both narrative videos, in which characters speak with lip-sync and move around, and video presentations, in which a voiceover narrator speaks over images and props, which may also move around. All video styles can be supported with background music and effects.

GoAnimate offers its services on a freemium basis to consumers, and has multiple subscription levels available for businesses. At the end of 2012, over five million individuals, businesses and schools were using GoAnimate to create videos. The fastest growing use case is that of organizations creating videos for their websites to explain and/or market products, services, events and causes. GoAnimate provides users with drag-and-drop tools that the company’s website indicates can be used to access thousands of character models, backdrops and other assets to create scenario-based videos - like political videos depicted during the 2012 presidential campaign. The platform offers text-to-speech character voices with customizable environments.


In 2012, eMarketer projected that video would be the fastest-growing online ad format in 2012, with spending up nearly 55 percent over 2011. The publication further predicted continued strong double-digit growth for online videos through 2016. reports that the popularity of video as a medium to communicate information results from its ability to effectively tell stories, spread messages and encourage action. It notes that bloggers who may not be skilled writers are turning to video as well. 

GoAnimate has endeavored, according to the website, to capitalize on the popularity of video by developing a service that is quick and easy to use for businesses, teachers, students and others who may not be skilled in creating artwork or video productions. GoAnimate was founded in 2007 by Alvin Hung. It originated from Hung’s desire to create an animated story for his wife, evolving to an animated video production tool. GoAnimate is a founding member of YouTube creation tool partner program, launched in 2009. GoAnimate for Schools was launched in 2011 and in 2012 the company introduced GoAnimate for Business. GoAnimate has offices in San Mateo, California, and Hong Kong, employing 20. It is funded by private investors.

Grounded videos

Main article: Grounded videos

GoAnimate also became famous by its user-generated commercials, music videos and other stuff. Also, it became most famous by the "Gets Grounded" phenomena, which depicts an animated character (e.g. Eric, Brian, Zack) getting grounded for a lot of weird reasons, which in adult replies like this: "You are grounded for 912846129834691461924671983746194... years".

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