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GOANIMATE EXTENDED WIKI (also known as the GoAnimate v2 Wiki): a reliable source for, well, almost all, of the information you need on GoAnimate! Whether you need information about GoAnimate, or you just want to browse through grounded videos, it's entirely up to you! If you need help, please contact an active administrator. Did you know we're the second result that appears when you search "GoAnimate" or "GoAnimate 2 Wikia" on the search engine Google?

Most content here is merely information about the topics users create here (similar to a fanon wiki), if you would like actual information about GoAnimate please visit the canon category.

Remember, if a GoAnimate Counterpart is not added into a character's page in 7 days, it will be moved to Creation Wiki. If it is a page related to Nintendo, Sega, or both, it will be moved to FanonLand Wiki. If related to anime or manga, it will be moved to Nihon Fanon Wiki.


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