GoAnimate World 3 is the 3rd game in the GoAnimate World series. Another name for this game is GoAnimate World 3: The UTUBETROLLPOLICE come to the GoAnimate World!.


Some remains of buildings are being fixed, thanks to the Element Humanoid attack. A year later, the character cloner is introduced (Which can be used to solve puzzles by stacking or doing actions with them). The cloner factory is bustling with people and GoAnimators equally. Later, the UTUBETROLLPOLICE, finding out about this, steals some of the cloners, not knowing they dropped and left some behind. (The cloners become a gameplay mechanic used to solve puzzles) The UTUBETROLLPOLICE then make clones of themselves, however, due to a glitch in their cloners, their clones are weaker than their real selves. The clone army then attacks the city, will the GoAnimators save the day once more? In the meanwhile, after defeating the Haywire Cloner, they discover that they need to go across the internet from Flash to the UTTP's channel on YouTube, they go there, and eventually defeat Tommy, little do they know that an ally is betraying them (You cannot play as that character and sets the plot for Boss Rush.).


Tutorial: GoCity (Attacked) (No boss here)

World 1: Cloner Factory (Boss: Haywire Cloner (Attacks: Occasionally creates electricity around itself, hops around the battlefield, and will clone enemies even if they are not on the battlefield))

World 2: Edge of GoAnimate (Boss: General Alf in a rocket (Attacks: Shoots a few missles every few seconds, also goes up and down)

World 3: Flash (Again?!) (Boss: Harry Partridge (Attacks: Shoots pencils and occasionally drags drawn items, such as 10-ton weights, on the player))

World 4: Google (Boss: Officer May's image (Piloted by Officer May) (Attacks: The image occasionally shoots eye beams and Poke Balls))

World 5: YouTube (Boss: UTTP Army (Background, must shoot cannons to hit) (Attacks: Launches troll faces on the battlefield, also releases warnings that anger and stop the player))

World 6: UTTP Channel (Final Boss: Tommy Parky (Attacks: Giant troll faces, also photoshopped images and summoning May and Alf for a few seconds)

World 7: Internet Arena (All bosses, along with a new boss, Sam Chen attacks: Falling Bad Grammar, and grounded videos out of the good users)