Grand Chase Characters

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GoAnimate counterparts

They are a group of evil spirits who plans to kill Courtney Springer and possibly Solarion Clan...

They are Enemies with a 13 Year Old Girl named Courtney Springer (A.K.A. Grand Chase Sucks VGCP). She even decided to plan a new Grounded Series called Grand Chase Gets Grounded video.

Also, they will/can be possible mortal enemies of Snapshot and Skylanders Characters, including Trap Team Force of CP SKYes GCNo what he hinted that for his decision to plan a video in the possible future.

Recently, they are also mortal archenemies of Skylanders Heroes - Food Fight, Snap Shot, Ka-Boom, Ninjini, Hot-Head, Wallop, Stealth Elf. This is because CPSkYYesGCNo began teaming up with L Ryan and GCSV respectively to collaborate.

They are also allies with Syklanders Villains such as Kaos as CP SkyYes GC No began collaborating with Courtney S. and L Ryan...

In CPSkYYesGCNo's videos, they are given punishments by Skylanders Heroes, NOT Skylanders Villains (this is because they are allies with them, including Kaos!). In CPSkyYesNo S2's fan-made lore in GoAnimate, they are corrupted by Dark Side to join Skylanders Villains, and Luca Blight. Their ally is Kaos and Malefor.

Their worst archnemesis is Snap Shot from Skylanders!