This is a Meeting Video made by CodPlayerRussia on GoAnimate 


Joey as H20 Deirious 

Simon as Vanoss

Eric as Lui Calibre 

Kayla as Sophie The Otter


H20 Delirious:"Hey vanoss and Lui Calibre wanna drive in this stolen truck from a moutain?"

Vanoss:"Ok Delirious XD"

[Then Delirious,Lui and Vanoss was in Lake Hoohaw in canada]

Vanoss:"Uhh H20 Delirious youre a idiot for driving us here!!!!!"

Lui Calibre:"Vanoss don't get too angry man calm-"

Sophie the Otter:"Who are you guys??"

Vanoss:"Im Vanoss and these are my two friends."

Lui Calibre:"Im Lui Calibre im wearing a monky mask!"

H20 Delirious:"Last but not least im Delirious!"

Sophie: "Well, Oodelay, y'all. This is Lake Hoohaw, where all the friendly critters reside in this utopia. Why not take a tour with me to see my friends and family like PB&J, Flick Duck, Munchy, Pinch, Scootch, the Snooties, and more!"

Lui Calibre: "Uh, OK?"