Henry is a characters in Anime

Created By: AJ Kolden

Age: 16
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Henry Hert

Birthdate: Dec 11, 1999

Deathdate: Unknown

Status: Alive

Voice: Paul (Pilot)

New Voice Season 1: Dave

Henry was a grounded, and Troublemakers. He was a Dumbest characters forever! He always live with his Father. He was Selfish, Brat, Rude, Evil, Idiot, and Deadly Sins. He is not a bad users 

because Henry is a Fake Characters. He loves Nintendo, Super Smash Bros, Earthbound, Mcdonalds, and Coca-Cola. He was an Villainous characters ever. He really want to escape his house to go exploring. He is a HomeWork Haters. He really like to make a Fake Leak.


Favorite Foods: Pizza, Soup, Popcorn, Mcdonalds Foods, IN N OUT Foods, and Shake from Mcdonalds.

Favorite Drinks: Coca-Cola, Shake from Mcdonalds, and Kiwi Strawberry.

Favorite Games: Nintendo, Wii U, Game Cube, N64, Star Fox, Earthbound/MOTHER, Flipnote Studios, 3DS, Pokemon, Animal Crossing New Leaf, and Super Smash Bros.

Favorite TV show: Nickelodeons, Cartoon Network, Spongebob, Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Clarence, Gumball, The Regular Show, and Mighty Bee

Favorite Animal: Mothman, Fox, and Chupacabra

Friends: Warren James Cook, Giegue, and Ridley


Dislike Foods: Steak, Chicken, and Fish Stick

Dislike Drinks: Pepsi, Milk, and Water,

Dislike Favorite Games: Playstation, Ubisoft, Xbox, Sega, Konami, and Namco

Dislike TV Show: The Office, Call the Midwife, and Disney Channels.

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