April 17 (age private)
United States



Karael is an American good user on GoAnimate. He is the creator of Karael, The Obama Show, etc.

Likes and Dislikes


His characters, African Vulture, Chibi Specials, RoTV, Etourist, Thinking that all users' Goa worlds are in the same universe, making videos, hiding his identity, etc.


Bad users, Chinese People, Retards, etc.

The Ten Kar-andments

The Ten Kar-andments are a group of rules that Karael must follow while making his videos.

1. Do not ever show your face, in real life or animated.

2. Don't ever kill off a well-liked character.

3. If Karael dies, you must replace him.

4. Always keep continuity, unless the video is non-canon.

5. Don't take something out of a video because someone told you to. They're just a dumb democrat.

6. Never use the "Status Quo is God" trope. Only stupid people use that.

7. If you get a celebrity to voice act in a video, they must voice themselves.

8. When it come to real life, only show your hands. PUT ON GLOVES AND SLEEVES!

9. Never use the "Bloodless Carnage" trope.

10. And finally,  if you make another "Fan Mail" video, USE REQUESTS FROM REAL PEOPLE!!!