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LW97 (also known as ZZTopYesNickelbackNo or Pancake Master) is a user on GoAnimate, known for the shortest Behavior Card Day video on record. He is the only German Grounded video maker. He joined GoAnimate on November 11, 2013 and since November 4, 2018 he has an Essentials subscription on Vyond. Linus was born in 1997 and has a girlfriend named Destiny Mcdonald. He now has both, a German and an Austrian licence.

Age: 19

Born: June 19, 1997 (real life), June 19, 1989 (GoAnimate)

Voice: Steven (but he changes his voice often), Diesel (upset), Wiseguy (angry), Kidaroo. (happy)

Likes: Alvin Hung, Summer (the season), Linkin Park, Nickelback (since November 2018)

Dislikes: grounded videos (nowadays - he actually never liked them, but he also never disliked them until May 2016), people who believe in good and bad users, Winter, Nickelback (2013-2018)

He calls himself "the guy with the 1000 faces". He works as a teacher, principal, fast food restaurant worker, DJ, cashier, barkeeper, announcer, taxi driver etc. and sometimes he's just a student. He even has an own island! ( /

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