Lucas Cohn
Oggy as Lucas Cohn (formely Bruce Wagner), the creator of Double Dare

Full Name

Lucas Joe Cohn

Date of Signup

October 21, 2011

Date of GoPlus Entry

February 8, 2012

Theme Will Likes

Comedy World
Lil' Peepz Collection

Fan of

Common Craft


Making GoAnimate videos and Non-Explainer Videos using Common Craft Cutouts he downloaded for free from Google Images

Influenced Bad Users like

Warren Cook

Influenced by

Keegan Sallisbury


Bill Burnett

Luca Cohn is a Junior GoAnimater and GoAnimated Prop Graphic and founder and CEO of Cohnimation Studios. He is also an Oggy  fan. However, it is currently unknown which side he is in good or bad so maybe neutral