Maddox121 is a GoAnimater who makes GoAnimate videos and a lot of other topics, he is on GoAnimate a bit less from time to time.

FICTIONAL COUNTERPART - The one used in the GoAnimate fiction series (see more here)

NONFICTIONAL COUNTERPART - The one who creates several GoAnimate videos


Look since 1964

Voices (Fictional Counterpart)


Former Look (1951-1964)

  • 1951-1969 - Himself
  • 1969-present - Kidaroo
  • 1972-present - Paul (On several series, such as Maddox121 Rants)
  • 1976-1994 - Eric (Used when Paul or Kidaroo were on other projects)
  • 1980-2001 - Maddox Jr. (Used on the Saturday Morning cartoon)
  • 1994-present - Brian (Used when other voice actors are busy)
  • 1999 - Maddox III (Used in Maddox: The Millennium)
  • 2007-present - Hideshi Europa (Used in Anime)
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