Mrs. Marquez
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Typical Mami's GoAnimate look.

Full name

Elena Marquez


Female (♀)


IVONA Kimberly
IVONA Jennifer (OfficerPoop247's version)
Loquendo Veena
Loquendo Catherine (TheFabulousDC03's version, alternate appearance) NeoSpeech Kate "(Joseph T's version)"</small>


July 20, 1963 (age 53)


Syria, Iraq, ISIS, 9/11/2001, KKK, Adolf Hitler


Dora and friends into the city, Dora, Cailou, Brats


Rapist, Murderer, Theft, Sex offender, Child abuser and Strip Club Dancer

Mami (aka Señora Marquez or Mrs. Marquez, who goes by the full name Elena Marquez in some videos) is the main protagonist of the Dora gets grounded videos and usually sometimes the main antagonist or deuteragonist depending in some videos and the tritagonist in Caillou gets grounded franchise as well as the deuteragonist of the Dora Gets Ungrounded videos. She is Dora's mother who appears on Dora gets grounded series. Most users depict her as a half-cast wearing a vest, and a long skirt. She currently lives with her mother-in-law Abuela, and her husband Cole. She and her husband have 1 son and 2 daughters.