Michael Gavin (born July 23, 1986) is Eric's older brother created by VladoHabaj331, He and his gang robbed into bank before the police arrive something has happend, bank was robbed by Michael and his gang the police will chase him, he is massive troublemaker and bad boy.

Likes: Crimes, Robbing, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto Games, MVP Baseball Games, Battlefield, Hitler (formerly), Good Users, Going out with his friend Vinnie (Sift Heads), Powerpuff Girls, Rock songs, and other stuff.

Dislikes: Eric, Stephanie, his mother, his family, Natalie, Stephane , James , UTTP, Bad Users, Police, Erika, My Little Pony, Ponies, Bad Stuff, Losing his money, his younger sister Gabbie, his niece Angel making fun of him, Jimmy His Cousin VGCP, his father hates him, Losing his gang, his life is ruined, getting annoyed or talked back, Hitler, Losing his car, being mocked, surfing, his younger brother Fred, his brother Terrance installing Michael's computer's virus.

Family cast

Johnny (aka Diesel): Himself Father)

Linda (aka Sally): Kendra/Salli/Kate/Belle/Emma/(Mother)

Stephanie: lvy/Kendra (Sister)

Eric: Himself (Brother)

James Gavin Joey (Brother)

Stephane: Kendra (Brother)

Terrance: Steven (Brother)

Gabbie: Sally (Younger sister)

Fred: Brian (Younger brother)

Angel: lvy (Niece)

Jimmy Gavin: David (Cousin)

Paul: Himself (Grandfather)

Jeremiah: Dallas (Uncle)

Thomas: Dave (Great-Grandfather)

Martin: Scary Voice (Great-Great Grandfather) (Zombie)

Kiddnapping his Mother (Tiyana)

In 2014, He kiddnaped his mother and put in his car (Ford Mustang 1967) he drives a car, but the police starts chasing him, He shoots police car with his Assault rifle, police is still chasing him but his gang drives a truck (Avia A 30) and crashes a police car, but the police cars are crashed by a truck, but he is still fine, not more, he sees a police barricade, he stops a his car but failed, he accidendally crashes his car into police barricade, but he is arrested by police for kiddnapping his mother.

Smashing his room

In 2016, He trashed his room, but his dad and mom take him away and he never come back, but somehow, his brother Eric and his sister Natalie walking on streets, Sometimes he hates Eric's girlfriend and she is no longer friends with him, he walked on streets Sadly, but he sites on streets and cries, he crying so bad because his family doesn't want to meet him anymore, because he is bad boy, he is one of with his family but doesn't matter, everyone hates him. but he must be bad boy not good boy. so he is walked back on streets, and he walked on streets.