MrSportVevo's new look

MrSportVevo (Troubled Go) is a good but somewhat (justifyably) rude user who flips off bad users commenting with middle fingers just to take an offense in the opinion of bad users. He flips off bad users by writing middle finger comments on the videos that bad users have commented on and he replies to the bad users' comments they've written. He is a fan of sports and he likes making sport videos and he also likes making tons and tons of videos about sports. His favorite sport of them all is baseball. He also has reported multiple UTubeTrollPolice officers.

Likes and Dislikes in his opinion

Likes: Sports, Bowling, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, WWE, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Friday The 13th, Family Guy, The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, The Amazing World Of Gumball, SpongeBob SquarePants, iCarly, Wiki, YouTube, Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Crossing out bad users' icons/faces/channel arts, GoAnimate, Grounded Videos, and other good stuff

Dislikes: Criminals, Harassment, Discrimination, Violence, Impersonation, Suspects, Prisoners, Terms of Use Violations, Fake VHS Openings, Vandalism, Racism, Racial Slurs, Racial Remarks, Fraggle Rock, Community Guidelines Strikes, School, and other bad stuff

Friends and Enemies

Friends: Optimus500050 (Formerly Jamiem2001 or VideoFan2001), Grimlock87swell (Formerly SamRoviofanIsAwesome, SamRoviofanRocks, or RealSamRovioFan), Caroline0204, Vexy Smurf, Kristin Konkle, Nemo333m, LouieLouie95, MountainFilms Pro, WithinThePower2500, CalebComedian, Slippy V, AMSalley94 (Better known as Austin M Salley), Ruthie Rainbow, Cherry The Sackboy, GreatMario54321, SeaDisney1998sucksCrap, Phillip Psareas, Ryan Helmke, Trigonometry Lord, Kody Crook, MrLegoFan10, Alex Kimble, OfficeComedian1998, MarcusRocks122, and other good users

Enemies: LadyLovesTravel, Joe Traynor, Ben Bowen, likeplaneboy, VideoGameNerd1000, Sam RovioFan, GrandChase RealCook, Luke Gartrell, Ian McIntyre, Lothos GrandChase, Marcus T**t, Tobakilacion, GrandChase WarrenGirl, Nerry Marin, Jerry Wheezer, and other bad users