Operation Black cats  (you can edit this but only if the Maker agrees with it)

2nd Divison Ops 


Augest 18th 2018 

GoAnimate City,Republic Of Guy city

Time of war ending 9:00 AM 

Time of War starting at 9:00 PM

Plot (do not edit only admins or the maker can edit this)

The Battle helicopters called Hunters move in with the helicopter carriers with Anderson and his team and it was a battle field there and one of the hunters were blown up by the AV8's that the strogg soliders are teaming up with the Federation of republic of guy and the Task force 322 had teamed up with the GoAnimate Rangers army but a Catagory 5 unkown hurricane came.


1.Blow up the federation airport with a hunter

2.the outskirts to GoAnimate ROCI Airport to escape the Speznez,UTTP Infantry,Federation and the SDC StickFigure forces 

3.Make it through the hurricane

4.Team up with the Smash Army,Task Force 322,CP Delta,USMC and the Special Forces France

Transcript (Do Not Edit only the admins or the maker can edit this)

Cpt.Daniel:"O- Anderson you ok?"

General speaking to the team:"Sniper Team 7 a hurricane had hit the buildings its-"

[15 minutes earlier at 10:00 PM

Pilot:"Roger 852 were moving inbound to the battle field."

Cpl.Anderson:"Roger! Were about to h-"

[Then Helicopter Blows up to the building]

Cpt.Daniel:"Sh*t were hit were going down we need to jump!"

[Then the crew jumped off the helicopter and Anderson loaded up his ACR with a ACOG sight and Daniel loaded up his MTAR also Lt.Jessie loaded up his M240 LMG]

Lt Jessie:"Cmon Anderson! the streets have AV8 tanks inbound!"

[Meanwhile with the hunter helicopter]

Pilot 1:"were moving in to take down HK-93 Helicopters."

Lt.Jessie on the walkie talkie:"Roger that move in on targets!"

Pilot 2:"Ok inbound 197372 roger inbound moving in-"

[then the 2nd Divison Corp helicopter crashes into the HK 93 helicopter]

Lt.Jessie:"We lost bravo 2 9er!"

Cpl.Anderson:"Roger Bravo 9 3 fighter is gonna take place!"



Cpl Anderson was voiced by Eric 

LtJessie was voiced by Steven 

Pilot 2 was voiced by AT&T Mike

Pilot 1 was voiced by Kidaroo

Cpt.Daniel was voiced by Brian

Soundtrack;First Part of the Operation was the mission first of Cod BO2 Pakistan before pakistan run and the ending was pakistan run