Operation Hoohaw

July 19th 2019 6:00 2:000 AMT


Canada,Lake Hoohaw Region

Newspaper (Only the Admins can edit this)

                                                                                     HOOHAW TIMES    July 18th 2019 7:00 AM

Russian Speznez leader Nikkolas Chamber Had infantry sail to the lakes of Canada and shot down houseboats and destroyed thousands of homes for the otters and made way to conqour canada unfortanully the Canadian Army were blown apart and The President Of the USA had sent thousands of their American soliders to Lake Hoohaw to stop the Russians from Conqouring Canada and by tomorrow Lake Hoohaw civillians will evacutate so that no people will get killed in the war and the Leader was mad and in fear at the sametime and by the other day Lak Hoohaw will be in peace again.

Objective (Only the Admins can edit this)

1. Make your way across the lake

2. Take down motors 

3. Get in the Truck and Drive through the road

4. steal a tank

5. Drive the tank through the Middle of the Lake

6. Kill the secandary leader wich is the Sergeant

Transcript (Only the Admins can Edit This)

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