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Princess Peach
Princess Peach (Fortune Street)


Princess Peach

Also known as

Princess Toadstool


Catherine (OliverWestern)
VoiceForge Princess

  • This article is about the good version of Princess Peach who is currently living in OliverWestern's care. For the Troublemaker version of this character, please go to: Dark Princess Peach

Princess Peach (formerly known as Princess Toadstool outside Japan) is a character based on the Super Mario character of the same name. In GoAnimate, she has an evil counterpart called Dark Princess Peach, who tried (but failed) to ruin her reputation. Luckily, her friends saw this and stood by her. It should be noted that in the GoAnimate videos, OliverWestern is her legal guardian, and she lives alongside Mario, Luigi, Princess Daisy, Rosalina, Toad, and Toadette. Since getting a Gold card in Episode 7, Peach was given special permission to use her swim suit as her gymnasium suit.

She is currently protected by POPFNITV.

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