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The DISH Girls Title Card

The DISH Girls is a group of four girls and a series created by GA Bricks. These girls are Daisy Alverez, Isabella Gonsalez, Samantha Munoz and Hannah Manzano.

The name DISH stands for D: Daisy, I: Isabella, S: Samantha, H: Hannah. Not only Daisy is the leader, Hannah is because she is the oldest and she is at the end of the word “DISH” in the standing sentence.



Season 1

Episode 1: The Pajama Party: The girls were having a sleepover but Raven tries to ruin it!

Episode 2: A Bad Day for DISH: The girls are having a very miserable day, and nothing seems to cheer them up.

Episode 3: Yoga Fitness: Isabella feels nervous about taking fitness at yoga.

Episode 4: To Date or Not to Date: Adam and Zarayah help Juan to date Isabella after Raven kept on harassing her.

Episode 5: Sticky Situation: When Daisy buys three bottles of glue, the girls got into an accident by using too much glue while making Lucky Bat's birthday gift.

Episode 6: The Big Concert: The girls were going to see the Uglydolls preform, but then they lost their tickets and had to go find them before the concert starts!

Episode 7: Summer Party at the Gonzales': Isabella hosted a summer party before summer ends but 4 troublemakers were trying to ruin it!

Episode 8: Project Trouble: The girls were doing a biology project, but they had trouble with it, so they asked Tray to help them out.

Episode 9: Foster Care: The school was doing a fundraiser for children's hospitals and foster cares, the girls volunteered to help out, but things changed when Hannah got sick.

Episode 10: The Treehouse: Daisy wanted to have a treehouse in her backyard.

Episode 11: Driving Lessons: GA Bricks wanted to learn how to drive, but when the troublemakers made fun of him, They wanted him to race with him.

Episode 12: The Rainy Day: Isa and her brother Jorge were having a rainy day with their friends who came to dry off at her house.

Episode 13: Camping Trip: The girls were going to Vyond Camp as part of a school field trip.

Episode 14: The Black Out: After the troublemakers made a huge black out to the entire city of Vyond, it was up to the DISH Girls and Ashley and Ashton to help stop them and get the power restored. But before that, Ashley and Ashton always kept arguing until they learn an important lesson.

Episode 15: DISH Club: Daisy, Isabella and Samantha make a club but they left Hannah behind because of her look.

Episode 16: Lost in the Mall: Daisy gets lost in the mall after a big agreement with her mother.

Episode 17: Locked In: The girls were excited during summer break because they wanted to find some books, but they lost track of the time as they were locked in the library! Then, Isa and Daisy both got into a complaiment and then made up.

Episode 18: Artistic Adventure: The girls were selling paintings on a very hot day.

Episode 19: To The Ultimate!: It is Daisy’s seventeenth birthday today, and she and her family went to Funland for her surprise. But unfortunately when she and Gilmero met, not only is she scared or roller coasters, she is also nervous too.

Episode 20: Game Play! Hannah wanted to play a game on Camp Animal Crossing, her friends wanted to play as well. But then, Samantha meets a grumpy guy named Felipe, but they both start getting along after the DISH girls won.