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The Article

The two tigruses
Tigrus879's two primary forms; Comedy World/Family Guy (left) and Lil' Peepz (right)




November 5th, 1998


Matt, Tigrus879, TheTigrus879, OmegaTigrus223 (on Skype), Master Tigrus (on Google + and YouTube)


are mentioned below


yep, they're also mentioned below

Voiced by

Himself (occasionally), TTS Young Guy (usually), TTS Kidaroo (Furious Tempermental), TTS David (unwell)

Notable Works

GoAnimate Adventures, Shrek Meets Comedy World, The Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie series, Lorva gets grounded series, The Biogenetic Mistake (a spore fan-film not made with GoAnimate)

His GoAnimate webpage

Current Age



Neutral User

Tigrus879 (a portion of his real name is Matt) is a GoAnimator, video gamer, Wikia contributor, and GoAnimate V2 Wiki Admin most notable for producing his Tigrus879 GoAnimate movies. He also is recognized for his GoAnimate Adventures webseries. Tigrus879 is neither a good or bad user. He's neutral and capable of respecting one's opinions/views on certain topics such as grounded videos, baby shows such as Dora, and behavior card videos. He was fired from admin. but hopefully, he got admin back


Likes: Godzilla, Mothra, Baragon, King Ghidorah, Ultraman, Marvel, Spider-Man, Venom, X-Men, The 

Avengers (Marvel), The Simpsons, Looney Tunes, Peter Griffin, Coulden Pettit, amSalley94, Matt Crowley, Phillip Psareas, African Vulture, Smirks, spaghetti, meatballs 

,Puerto Rico, GoAnimate, Flash, Spore, Spore Galactic Adventures, Davo's Dark Injections, DarkEdgeTV, Screen Junkies, CinemaSins, USA, The Bronx Bombers (Yankees), Super Sentai, Pacific Rim, Jaegers, The MUTO, Japan, Transformers, Autobots, Decepticons, Pokemon, Nintendo, Sega, Sonic, Chao Garden, Devil (Dark Chaos) chaos, Scribblenauts Unmasked, Scribblenauts Unlimited, The Walking Dead
2014-07-23 152059

Tigrus879 as a Scribblenauts character

Snapshot 1 (6-24-2014 10-09 PM)

A random snapshot of him

Dislikes: Sonichu, watching way too many Disney movies, Hedorah, Gezora, poorly produced grounded videos, bees (although he isn't allergic to them), peaches, Camp Rock, High School Musical, Michael Bay, racism, Power Rangers Samurai, names the rangers/rangers' mentor(s) give to their zords, country songs from Texas and Tennessee, Shia-LeBoufing (the annoying repetition of a word/term is used for films), Disney's Planes, Olaf the snowman, Fred the squeaky teen, Verizon, Diancie, Minecraft, 

Ender Dragon, Creepers, Zombies

His GoAnimate features [OUTDATED, PLEASE UPDATE IF NECESSARY] (plus a Gallery)

Here is a complete list of all of his GoAnimate features (visit the Tigrus879 Productions page for an updated list):

Shrek Meets Comedy World (2013)*

The Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie (2013)*

The Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie 2 (Late 2013/Early 2014)*

Shrek Meets Comedy World, Special Edition (Late 2013/Early 2014)*

Society Overthrown (2014)**

Tigrus879 the movie 3, Japan Rising (Summer or Fall 2014)***

Shrek, Return to Comedy World (Late 2014)^

Tigrus879 Birthday Special (November 2014)^

Tigrus879 the movie 4 (Late 2014/Early 2015)^^

  • Made with GoAnimate 4 schools trial accounts
    • Cancelled
      • Upcoming

^In development

^^Currently not in development


GoAnimate Biography

NOTE: All of the following events are fictitious.

Tigrus879 was a lonely orphan adopted by two parents (Gia Estevez and Gregory Estevez). As time progressed, Tigrus879 as a three year old encountered one strange entity from the Smash Universe known as Sacred Magic (the brother of another Sacred Sacred Hero, Sacred Dark) at a local GoTownia playground. Sacred Magic arrived on Earth to warn Tigrus879's parents about an oncoming super tornado capable of causing considerable damage across GoTownia. Little did his parents knew, the super tornado did strike the GoTownia area. Sacred Magic then abducted Tigrus879 and brought him to shelter as soon as the tornado murdered his foster parents.

Since then, Tigrus879 received nourishment, education, and safety from the GoTownia community (until he became 13 and persued a career in the cinematic arts). He was then recognized for being the world's youngest producer and director. Throughout this time, he met new friends such as Tigrus the devil chao, Veena Ishani, Mrs. Grace, Diesel, and among several others. He was also famed for protecting GoTownia against the Mr. Keebler, Tigrus Doppelganger, and the Crimson Iris Engager Prototype. Afterwards, he, along with his allies, defeated Tigrus Doppelganger, Dragos Makogha, and the Giant Petal Turtle in London.

He is currently 15 ('nuff said).

Alternate Forms

Tigrus879, as you may notice in the gallery, has the capability to shapeshift into other beings/forms. Here are some of his prominent forms (variants)

Snapshot 1 (7-22-2014 10-02 AM)

Tigrus879 obliterating Mr. Keebler to shreds.

Unnamed Mystical Flying Tiger

Type: Desperation Form

Alias: Tigrus879 the Tiger

Appearances: 1; The Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie (2013)

Voiced By: TTS Scary Voice

Snapshot 1 (7-22-2014 10-05 AM)

Not necessarily a form, but rather a variant of Tigrus879


Type: Mirage

Alias: Tigrus87...I mean Plebius, The GateKeeper of the DreamWorld

Appearances: 1; The Tigrus879 GoAnimate movie 2 (2013)

Voiced By: TTS Young Guy, Vixen, Diesel, Amy, French-Fry, Ivy, Kidaroo, Tween-Girl, Brian

Sacred Ice 

2014-07-21 165704

How Sacred Ice (Tigrus879's alter ego) appears

(yes folks, Tigrus879 can shapeshift into a legit Sacred Sacred Hero, as seen in the Sacred Heroes page of this wiki)

Type: Sacred Hero

Alias: Ice, Tigrus879's other form, Tigrus879's alter ego

Allies: His commrades (the other Sacred Heroes)

Enemies: Super Giant Sonic, Super Ultra Doomless Mega Sonic, and the Underworld Army (including Tigrus Doppelganger and Dragos Makogha)

Voiced By: TTS Young Guy and Kidaroo

Created By: Tigrus879

Appearances: 0


Like most avatars, different versions of Tigrus879 were made by other users within the GoAnimate community.