Total Drama Camp Island is the 1st season of the Total Drama GoAnimate Series. In this season 16 teens will compete in challenges to try to win a million dollars. They also appear in GoAnimate

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The Season 1 Cast

TDCI Episode 1 - This Is Really My Team?

TDCI Episode 2 - Water Tug Of War

TDCI Episode 3 - Eat Till You Drop

TDCI Episode 4 - Catch That Animal!

Order of Elimination

This only shows the episodes that have aired not the future episodes.

16th Place - Duncan

Did not like his team and agreed with the girls on the logo and name.

15th Place - Dakota

Did not play Tug Of War really and only cared about her new shirt.

14th Place - Courtney

Sky voted Courtney off.

13th Place - Noah

Did not compete.


  • This is a mix of seasons 1-6 of the cast.
    • It takes place on 1st island.
  • The characters are new so they don't know anything from seasons 1-6.
  • In episode 2 Tyler seems to still know Lindsay.
    • Though Zoey and Mike seem to not know each other.
      • Zoey starts having feelings for Mike in episode 2.
  • Dawn is the 1st person to know about Mike's personality disorder.
    • Nobody else has questioned about it yet though.
  • Chris is not the host in this season.
  • Anne Maria seems to be the main antagonist in this season.
  • In episode 3 this is the 1st time someone voted themself out. In this case Sky.
    • It is unknown who would have been voted out. It would eitheir be Dawn or Lindsay.
  • Dawn is the 1st character to be in the bottom 2 twice.
  • In episode 3 Sky makes an alliance with Tyler, Topher, and Courtney
    • In episode 4 Dawn and Ella make an alliance without anyone knowing.
      • Dawn and Ella's alliance is currently the only alliance so far.
  • Back in episode 3 Sky's music is the winnie the pooh music. It also does not end with someone leaving the dock of shame. This is the 1st time this has happened in the season.
  • This show originated from Canada And America