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My new GoAnimate Avatar as of now.

Full name: Carl Fernandez

Birthday: January 29, 1989

Birthplace: Philippines

Personality: Aloof and good person. Emotionless.

My GoAnimate Avatar: Superhero form with military pants, blond mohawk... lol

Favorite food: Blueberries, Raspberries and Red Velvet Cake

Likes: Oggy And The Cockroaches, Spongebob, Transformers, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Being Irate and Casual Gamer, fanatic of Skylanders, fanatic of Team Fortress Series, fanatic of League Of Legends, Castlevania, Diablo, Diablo GMods, Cars, Being quiet at school, Cool Stuff (like cool guys or Turians or Protoss or muscled anime men lol), Starcraft, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Hot Stuff (white haired anime girls with long white hair and red eyes), RPGs such as Kingdom Hearts, Lunar, cats that are cute and beautiful whom they know him, Cute Creatures like cats and stuffed toys and live Giant Pandas, TTTE (his favorite childhood)

Neutral Over/With: MLP (uninterested), VGCPs (for those who turned to dark side whether or not)

Dislikes: Elsword, Crappy shows and games, Bad Stuff, Getting annoyed, VGCPs that turn to dark side to make butthurt complaints, UTTPs, bad users making videos out of him, Hardcore permadeaths in Diablo games (because he will be frustrated), Youtube/GoAnimate Wars (for those whose bad or good users are making videos out of each other), Mean comments, Having trouble in school, etc.

Characters I love: Olaf/Brolaf from League Of Legends, Kerrigan and Zeratul from Starcraft, Jeanne from Bayonetta, Garrus from Mass Effect, Snap Shot along with Skylanders Heroes from Skylanders, Argenta from Dragon's Nest, Lucia from Lunar 2, Optimus Prime from Transformers, Angry Birds characters, Super Mario, Captain Falcon,Tyrael and Female Crusader from Diablo 3, Captain Phoebus from Hunchback Notre Dame

Characters I am neutral with: MLP characters (because I am not a fan of it), Kirby

Characters I hate: Luca Blight from Suikoden, Judge Claude Frollo from Disney's Hunchback Of The Notre Dame, etc.

Hobbies: Making animations in GoAnimate, Drawing in Photoshop or in traditional art, Playing online games and Diablo 2, playing PSP, playing stuffed toy panda, Reading books that are interested