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This article is for the troublemaker made by Andrew Orozco. For the innocent version made by Daniel Fuenmayor Ledesma, see Violy Anderson (Non-troublemaker)

Violy is a female troublemaker created by Andrew Orozco and the main antagonist of his movies. She is Jahari's girlfriend, as well as Andrew Orozco and Lucy Nickell's arch-nemesis.

Violy has a crew with her friends, such as Kenward, Jahari, Boris The Teeth Guy, Fake Boris, Christo, TJ, Alejandro, , Rebecca, Eloise, Lou and Raven.


Full Name: Violy Margaret Anderson

Gender: Female

Born: May 15, 2005

Age: 16

Voice: Amy


  • Jahari
  • Kenward
  • Her Friends
  • Strip Clubs
  • Rated M for Mature and AO for Adults Only video games
  • Rated R NC-17 and X films
  • Adult TV Shows
  • Getting Ungrounded
  • Causing trouble
  • Roller Coasters
  • Time Travels/Messing the city
  • Shouting out "FHRITP" on news reports
  • Doing naked dances (especially in public)
  • Giving the middle finger
  • Candy
  • Fast food
  • Vandalizing
  • MTV's My Super Sweet 16 (Not only she enjoys the programme, but also starred in it)
  • Parties
  • Bullying
  • The Alanastiums (Formally)


Family Members:

  • Jakir Anderson (Born September 3, 2008) (Brother)
  • Emma Anderson (Born January 18, 1986) (Mother)
  • Brian Anderson (Born June 1, 1978) (Father)


  • When Violy gets grounded, her crying voice is Ludoviko and sounds like a motor car. She gets angry, and even insane if anyone makes fun of her because of it. This is shown when her family impersonates her crying sound, and despite their apologies, Violy went insane and tried to murder her parents, but Jakir had rescued them by using Vyond Logic to turn Violy into a motor car, which is what she sounds like when she cries.
  • In BrainiacAdam's channel, she stars in the MTV show, "My Super Sweet 16" and like many people who star in the show, she is very spoiled, but becomes well behaved when Adam's series main antagonists, known as the Alanastiums kidnap and torture her with a punishment day in an abandoned building. She also parodies Audrey Reyes, who featured on My Super Sweet 16 where she throws a tantrum after getting her dream car on her actual birthday, rather than the night of her party, like she wanted.
  • Andrew Orozco was going to call Violy "Violet" but he decided to change it to Violy because he thought the name Violet was too common.
  • Despite being a troublemaker, and one of the most notorious ones, there are times she has shown to be heroic. For example, she rescued her parents in Coby M's Channel and in Brainiac Adam's Channel, she and her gang of troublemakers teamed up with a group of brave people in fighting bigger and worse troublemakers, being the Alanastiums in revenge on how they treated her and her friends.