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Violy Margaret Anderson
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Violy Margaret McDonald
15 September 2002 (age 19)
Miami, Florida, United States






Amy (United Kingdom)
Naja (Danish; when sad)
Catherine (UK; When furious)


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This is for the main protagonist made by Daniel Fuenmayor Ledesma in his series. For the true troublemaker version made by Andrew Orozco, see Violy

Violy Margaret Anderson is a current 1.61 m tall American beginning student who is studying at her own high school.

From August 2015 to October 2020, she was a former student at the Los Angeles school. She is considered the worst student in the entire class, the worst person in the United States, and is singled out as a kidnapper, terrorist, neo-Fascist, neo-Nazi and serial killer due to her criminal record.

It is the original Violy counterpart, created by Andrew Orozco. The version, created by Daniel Fuenmayor Ledesma, appeared exclusively on the YouTube channel on February 16, 2020 in the first episode of the first season of the adult animated series 'Violy Gets Grounded' as the main antagonist of the series.

Violy's real family


Violy Margaret Anderson was born on 15 September 2002 in Miami, Florida in the United States. She is the eldest daughter of Giselle Anderson and the eldest sister of Marilyn Anderson. In September 2013, Violy was kidnapped by her aunt Emma Anderson. After her in 2007, Violy has not enjoyed her childhood due to the absence of her real mother, turning her into a rebellious, selfish, ruthless, sadistic, bad and troublemaker young woman.


She was a troublemaker 17-year-old adolescent girl who was born in the city of Los Angeles until December 2020, because this is because her behavior is due to the loss of her real mother, who is in Miami. The reason is because Emma, his aunt's older sister, did not like her and decided to deport her and separate her forever, with her he will feel happy and without any problem but that is not the way today.


In 2009-2015 she finished her elementary school due to good behavior. The behavior was thanks to her real mother Giselle Anderson, who was her aunt at the time, since Giselle was sad because her sister Emma stole her daughter since 2003.


In high school she was somewhat strange, she was despotic and rude to her students and her teachers. This led Violy to become one of the worst people in history, as well as the worst high school student due to her aunt Emma treating her so badly with a luxury of violence.

Since 2017, Violy had arrested 16 times in a row until October 2020, she committed crimes several times, such as robbing things from stores, kidnapping people, murdering innocent people and worst of all, trafficking drugs and carrying out massacre in some places in Los Angeles.

October 17 attacks


October 17 attacks, often referred to as 10/17, 17O and 17-O, were a series of attacks committed on the afternoon of Saturday, 17 October 2020 in the United States by the network 'Violy's Horror Gang' founded in 2018 that, by kidnapping victims such as Daniel Fuenmayor Ledesma and Lionel Aniskov in a abandoned warehouse located on Interstate 5 by the Los Angeles exit before an attack in downtown Los Angeles.

They caused the deaths of 4,000 people, including one terrorist, the disappearance of 9,392 victims and more than 23,620 injuries, many of them with long-term health consequences. He also appeared in the episode 'Revenge 2.5' released in April 2021.


On the morning of October 17, 2020, Violy Anderson escaped from jail to do his own revenge. He later kidnapped Daniel and Lionel with the help of Jahari and Christo. Revenge will be to destroy the city until it becomes an attack.

On the afternoon of that day, the abandoned warehouse near the Los Angeles exit, Daniel is kidnapped, also Lionel. Christo sexually abused Lionel, in front of Violy and Daniel. Ariana is discovered and runs off. Jahari pursues Ariana to assassinate her, but she fights back by burning him alive. Sterling killed Jahari by burning alive to save Ariana's life, and she explained everything that happened to Violy and her friends.

Christo feels satisfied by sexually abusing him, licking Lionel's stomach. Daniel's crews crash into the wall in the abandoned house to defeat Violy and Christo (Jahari was killed and burned alive by Ariana and Sterling Archer in the woods). Rina is totally outraged when she notices her stomach covered in saliva, a sign of sexual abuse, and Christo confessed to Rina that she abused Lionel. This unleashes Rina a fit of anger until she violently assaults him, Rina beats Christo until he is gone away never to return. Rina also wants to physically assault Violy but she is useless because Violy teleported to downtown Los Angeles.

Then Violy transforms into a Godzilla (giant girl), then dances in a retard mode to destroy the city completely turning him into an attack. Later she was attacked by Daniel Fuenmayor Ledesma and his members. She then she was sentenced to a mental hospital for two months, because Violy had a mental disorder derived from depression caused by domestic violence equated by her uncles and her 'cousin'.


On 23 December 2020, Violy was released from the mental hospital for good behavior, thanks to her real mother Giselle. Later, Giselle learned that Violy is actually her daughter, according to the DNA results, realizing that Emma is the real responsible and guilty of Violy turning into a ruthless beast.

Already in March 2021, Violy changed her appearance, turning her into a good, controlled and relaxed girl due to the treatments applied by Pearl and Dr. Nick Riviera.


On January 2, 2022, Violy was released for game gta iv on xbox one, got ungrounded by parents.



  • Porn
  • Revenge
  • Money
  • Drugs
  • Nazi
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Explicit contents songs
  • Adult television series
  • Rated R and NC-17
  • Getting grounded
  • Getting arrested

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