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Wrapper: Offline

Wrapper: Offline, formerly Known as "GoAnimate Wrapper" and sometimes shortened to "GAW" or "GA: W" is a fan-made archive of GoAnimate/Vyond's legacy video maker, which was retired as of December 19, 2019 at 3:10 AM UTC.


Wrapper: Offline started as a project named Goanimate Wrapper, it was first being worked on in December of 2019 by VisualPlugin. Other GoAnimate enthusiasts later contributed heavily to the project - such as Imagney (for adding additional TTS voices).

Wrapper Offline's first iteration launched on GitHub and EvenNode.

The original non-business themes prior to 5th January 2016 were present, such as Comedy World, Lil' Peepz, and Chibi Peepz, including business themes that Vyond used such as... well... Business Friendly. Some super-rare themes such as Street Fighter, Akon, Super Rica & Rashy, Chowder, and Toon Adventures (The Powerpuff Girls) were included, all of which were removed early on into Vyond's life to avoid potential copyright infringement problems or due to their licenses expiring.

According to a lead developer and creator, this project was created in an attempt to extend the shelf life of Vyond's legacy video maker and old themes.

It originally started as an EvenNode website that was launched shortly after the LVM retirement for anyone to use. Importing however, was broken and didn't work. It was shut down mid-February 2020 because someone sent an email to Vyond to shut it down, and everyone had to use the localhost/GitHub version of it. Eventually, as of 17th/18th April of the same year, the entire project had shut down completely. The creator of the project had sent an email to Vyond making them aware of the archiving, but unfortunately, Mark Deaton, the CEO of Vyond, requested to terminate the project in compliance with DMCA. An announcement script explaining more about this story can be found here.

Vyond will have the potential to terminate the wiki under DMCA grounds if the link to other people's GA Wrappers' keep getting leaked, so it had been removed.

Eventually however, a project started called "Wrapper: Offline" created by benson. The project turned into a new version of GoAnimate Wrapper, with major bug fixes and the removal of all the business themes Vyond was using. It is designed to be a timeless archive of the removed themes.

GoAnimate Wrapper-0

Logo of Goanimate Wrapper

Trivia (GoAnimate Wrapper Era)

  • There were tons of glitches with GA Wrapper; those being some bodies being missing, videos taking long to load, softlocks, missing music tracks despite their appearance, etc.
  • You can't make female characters in Business Friendly. However, you're able to make custom Lil' Petz characters; something that isn't possible in the original LVM.
  • Only a few Discord servers have the files needed, but are only given to trustworthy people. Sometimes, trolls leak the files online through YouTube or other locations, making this project very dangerous.
  • Some premade characters such as Canadian Scout, Fartnoise9, African Vulture, and GoTest334 are present in the character selector in Comedy World.
  • It's currently impossible to import any props, sound effects, or music without modifying the common theme XML files because that feature is still broken.
  • Kenny Animate, a guy that knows about editing, added custom/extra actions and facial expressions that Vyond never put in.
  • Back when GA Wrapper was alive, whenever there was a TTS generating error, the error message would display: "You're grounded" as a message. This is likely an Easter Egg to trick people.
  • They have plenty of TTS voices that Vyond has never had AND that Vyond has. They have the Amazon Polly voices (through the Readloud and Talkify APIs), the Oddcast voices (Loquendo, ReadSpeaker, Nuance, AT&T, WaveNet, SoftVoice), the Cepstral voices (through VoiceForge), the IBM Watson voices, the Voicery voices and the Acapela Group voices (through the API used on

The original GA Wrapper (EvenNode/GitHub) is no longer usable because it has been shut down. Some information has been archived, and the person who crossed this line out and wrote "not true lmao" should've done his/her research first, because it all is.

Trivia (Current, W:O era)

  • Wrapper: Offline Has a 1.2.0 update. learn more on the discord server.
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