Young Link

Young Link

Young Link Is A Non-Troublemakers

Original Born: January 30 1995

Current Born: January 22 2013

Gender: Male

City: Los Angeles (Formerly), Tulsa (Current)

State: California (Formerly), Alberta (Visitors), Oklahoma (Current)

Country: USA, Canada (Visitors)

Alignment: Good

Family: Link (Father), Zelda (Mother) (Formerly), Talking Becca (Mother) Link Jr (Brother) (Brown Hair Only), Linecca (Sister)

Best Friend: Eric Cartman

Girlfriend: Young Zelda

Friends: Link (Ocarina Of Time), Sheik, Link (Hyrule Warriors), Shulk, Saria, Claude Speed, Michael de Santa, Trevor Philips, Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, Chris Griffin, Robin (Female), Kirito, Fat Albert, CJ (Link Texture), Talking Tom, Roberta, Pit, Dark Pit, Niko Bellic, Chuckie Finster, Cleveland Brown Jr, Lampo, Milady, Pilou, Meatball, Dr Robotnik (AOSTH), Sonic, Tails

Enemies: Scratch And Grounder, Dr Robotnik (AOSTH) (Sometimes),

Vehicle: 1995 Ford Windstar Van (A Special Gift From His Dad), 1997 Ford Windstar Van (Destroyed), 2002 Kia Sedona Van, 1992 Oldsmobile Silhouette Van (Rental), 1995 Mercury Villager Van (Movie Only), 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada SUV (Stolen/Gift From The Impound Cars), 1993 Ford Mustang Police Car (Appeared In San Diego 1985), 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Sedan, 2001 Toyota Sienna Van (Rental Movie Only), 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport Van (Deleted Scenes Only) 1993 Mercury Villager Van (TV Series Only), 2013 Honda Odyssey Van (Possibly Rental)


Vehicles Owner:

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