Zion Mathis
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Birth name

Zion Mathis


November 27, 1999 (age 17)


Male (♂)


Young Guy

Zion Mathis is a member of the VGCP group on YouTube who works at Pizza Hut. His favourite singer is the late Michael Jackson, and his favourite colours are Red, Green, and Blue. He is currently trying to get into (or is currently in) a relationship with GoAnimate user Hatsune Miku (who is voiced by Emma).

Friends and Enemies


Willie, who is his best friend, Colse As Brother's, Bria-Ex-Girlfriend, Alex Kimble, L Ryan, louielouie95, Margra Batto, Coulden Pettit, Inez Thomas, TheColossalD, Eric Smith, Dylan McCarthy, Sarah West, and other good users.


Michael Smith, who is his arch nemesis, Warren Cook, Sister Jigglypuff, Zara (sometimes), Gab Inocencio, and other bad users.

Likes and Dislikes


being a funny guy, his friends, eating like Goku, Dead Meat Videos, some anime female characters on how they look, video games, Lucario, Feraligatr, when Tim cries like a big baby, songs made by the late Michael Jackson, Dora gets grounded videos, and other good things that he likes.


people who are evil, when someone calls him gay, Michael Smith doing the bad things to annoy him, when someone makes a grounded video out of him, when some people think he is a bad user, when Warren Cook makes fake vhs openings, spoiled foods, when Sister Jigglypuff gets mad at Zion Mathis for no reason, and other bad things he dislikes.

Favourite Video Games

Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros, Pokémon, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Sin and Punishment, Xenoblade Chronicles, Super Smash Bros., Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Call of Duty, other 80's and 90's video games, DBZ, Street Fighter, and other favorite video games.

Favourite and Loathed TV shows

Favourite TV Shows

Sonic X, Super Mario Bros, Adventure Time, Tenkai Knights, Pokémon, Beyblade, Beavis and Butt-head, Bleach, DBZ, Naruto, Blue Exorcist, Ben 10, Soul Eater, One Piece, Fairy Tail, and other TV shows he likes.

Disliked TV Shows

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